Your extra virgin olive oil is by far the best of all time there is nothing else that compares! I have tried hundreds of brands im a raw food chef and wellness coach and fanatical about every ingredient in my food and what I recommend to my clients I am using your evoo as a substitute for every raw recipe. I use grapeseed oil for heated foods. Henceforth every home I enter I will ask to sample the evoo to make comparison and then sing your praises you can thank -ocean state job lot- they sell your oil and about 20 other competitors I have tried a few others they are strong acid sore throat bite on the finish and I had to return them. Your evoo is so smooth and buttery it cannot be described it must be experienced! Calabria Italy has some special olives and some special people making this oil. I want to go there and drink it right off the press!!

I also have started using it on my face and scalp and feet as a moisturizer and everyone at thanksgiving dinner said I was glowing I told them about the oil and they all want to go job lot to get a bottle. I put a mouthful of your oil in my mouth straight from the bottle 1st thing every day upon arising.its the best breakfast you can have I eat fruit and spirulina shortly after the oil help absorbtion of nutrients from foods and I use it for dressing with raw apple cider vinegar on all salads some fresh lemon juice too. It helps with cravings and its the best fat for your whole body. Thank you for using the dark bottles for your oil. The nutrients are extremely fragile to light exposure and your competitors could care less. Please keep up the great work!!

Paul Amatucci

One of the items in the Tasting Box was the organic white truffle extra virgin olive oil by Bel Frantoio – a true super star product that we have been using in our kitchen for many years already. We didn’t want a truffle oil that was just scented, we wanted a truffle oil that was actually infused. We really love truffles (who doesn’t?) and picking a white truffle oil was not easy. We spoke with Antonio, the friendly man who runs Bel Frantoio, about his company and its delicious oil. Read more…

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